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AIESEC GIKI Google meet Oct, 3rd 9pm-10pm PKT EventBrite Yes  

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In “Climate Crisis and its Solutions”, Rayyan will answer three major questions about the climate crisis.

1) The science behind Climate Change 2) How the Climate Crisis is already affecting billions of people in 2020 3) Is there a case for optimism for the future? If yes, then what is it?

The presentation is backed with our updated understanding of climate science and includes numerous examples of how the Climate Crisis is already affecting our world in 2020. There is a need for alarm but also optimism with regards to solving the crisis. Creative solutions to the problem are emerging as businesses, communities and governments take action.

There is no charge for this online event, but please RSVP in advance. Following the presentation there will be a Q&A session. Questions can be submitted in advance by emailing Moderator name at moderator email. They can also be posted in the chat room during the meeting.

This event is a private event and only available for those invited by AIESEC GIKI.


Speaker Details:

Speaker Details: The guest speaker, Rayyan Zahid is a systems thinker and a researcher in software language design at a startup in San Francisco. In light of the recent global risks, he is currently writing a book on the future of humanity. He is also a life-long global citizen of AIESEC and the Vice President Marketing of GIKI Alumni Association.

Rayyan Zahid was personally trained by former US Vice President Al Gore and The Climate Reality Project at the Global Training 2020 to serve as a volunteer Climate Reality Leader. The training was focused on providing a select group of trainees with a deep understanding of the science of climate change, the impacts of the climate crisis, and the solutions to the crisis. The training also builds skills in public speaking, communication strategies, community outreach, and organizing.

He is one of over 20,000 trained Climate Reality Leaders from over 150 countries. The Climate Reality Leadership Corps has been extraordinarily successful at reaching people in their communities and informing them about the climate crisis and the solutions – local, national, and global – that we can all start supporting now.

Newsletter: elevatebyrayyan.com
Twitter: twitter.com/rayyanzahid
Website: rayyanzahid.com

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What is The Talent Generation?

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8:55 PM – 9:05 PM

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9:05 PM – 9:10 PM

Opening comments (Moderator Introduction, agenda, rules of conduct)

9:10 PM – 9:15 PM

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9:15 PM – 9:45 PM

Climate Crisis and Its Solutions

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10:00 PM – 10:20 PM

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