[Teaching] Online course: Introduction to Complex Systems, Simulations & NetLogo

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“Introduction to Complex Systems, Simulations & NetLogo” is a 4-weeks interdisciplinary 1-to-1 remote online course on simulating and analysing complex systems using agent based modeling in the NetLogo Programming Environment.

Program details:

Details Information
Course length 4 weeks
Number of classes 8 classes
Length of each class 1 hour
Mode of study Google class room and Google meet
Format Personalised 1-to-1 classes with guided projects
Audience Ages 14+ (Younger audience can be facilitated)
Cost $60/hr

What you will learn:

  • Learn the history and basics of programming, systems and simulations.
  • Learn agent based modeling to develop models of complex systems in the NetLogo Programming Environment.
  • Learn how to think about interdisciplinary topics through guided projects in STEM, social sciences and economics.


Week 1

  • Class 1: Introduction to systems, complex systems, Agent Based Modeling and NetLogo examples.
  • Class 2: History of functional and OO programming. Downloading, installing NetLogo and user interface.
  • Weekly assignment and extra reading

Week 2

  • Class 1: : Basic programming elements in Agent Based Modeling and first simple programme.
  • Class 2: Basics: guided examples of various features and elements. Exploring the NetLogo dictionary.
  • Weekly assignment and extra reading.

Week 3

  • Class 1: First guided project - Obstacle avoidance and mouse tracking.
  • Class 2: Second guided project - Cellular Automata.
  • Weekly assignment and extra reading.

Week 4

  • Class 1: Third guided project - Forest Fire modeling.
  • Class 2: Fourth guided project - Network modeling.
  • Weekly assignment and extra reading.

Curriculum is flexible and subject to change to accomodate customized learning.

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